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Artist Spotlight: Schall und Rauch

We’d like to introduce you to a Rap crew from Zürich, Switzerland. They go by the name of “Schall und Rauch”.


This name stands for positive rap and love for music, life, language and people. Inspired by funk, jazz, blues and soul, the three-person Zurich crew walks on their own paths, but within listening distance to their idols from the golden 90s.
After a self-sufficient decade full of fleeting jams in bathing cloakrooms, cowsheds and hay sticks, the desire arose to capture these moments of happiness, to give them a lasting shape and to share them.
The wish became reality: The first album “Schall & Rauch mit Liib & Seel” has been rotating on turntables since 2017 and has also been able to get to know a large number of stages. In 2018 and 2019 the crew temporarily turned their backs on the crackling samples, dressed up and went to the organic lap of the blues band “Furhammer” for a pulsating live project.
At the same time, the second album “Verbunde” flourished, on which Schall & Rauch remained true to itself and celebrated its connection with funky boombap beats, mature rhyming chains, befriended musicians, hip-hop culture and the whole world. It’s about love!

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Artist Spotlight: Where is Mona?

We’d like to introduce you to the alternative Rockband from Lyss, Switzerland called “Where is Mona?”

Mona is moody, likes it fast and rough, soft and melancholic or razor-sharp and edgy.
A spontaneous performance seduced four Swiss musicians to found WHERE IS MONA? With compositions by guitarist and background singer Tobias Preuss, sung by singer Stefan Jaberg, the drumming of Heinz Weingart and the bass of Antonin Jaun, Mona’s trail is followed with heart and soul. Alternative rock, yes, but the sound of the band touches other boundless musical shores and is carried by the musicians’ wealth of experience. So you might hear many kinds of influences like psychedelic, grunge, songwriter or jazz, which WHERE IS MONA? mix to their own sound. In autumn 2019, the debut album WHERE IS MONA? with original compositions was recorded and released in summer 2020.

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Artist Spotlight: Jot Kosmos

We’d like to welcome Jot Kosmos. He is a Swiss music producer, songwriter and rapper.

He produces atmospheric Lofi and 90s boom bap rap inspired hip-hop instrumentals.

Whether with beats or playful rhymes, Jot Kosmos is always there with heart and soul and gets the best out of every song.

Today he works with local as well as international artists, including rapper Frank J originally from brooklyn (USA) (Colectivootres) or Jay, also known under the name Jay MauMau, who has his roots in Africa.

In the last few years, music production has become more and more important to Jot Kosmos and he is always keen to accept new, exciting orders and to strive for projects.

“Just do it and don’t think, because if you think too much, you often get in your own way” – That is the motto of Jot Kosmos.

He is already selling hes stuff on our shop:

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Artist Spotlight: Lorenz Schaller

Lorenz Schaller is an independent musician and producer with a studio located just outside of Bern, Switzerland. Since 2003, and always with great passion and creativity, he has worked on various projects with musicians from all around the world. As a pianist and keyboardist he enjoys playing live with various bands and on music projects. 

Lorenz started playing the piano at the age of 8. He discovered his passion for music as a teenager and at 23 he started playing music full time.

Besides his work he is a passionate husband and father.

We are very happy to welcome Lorenz Schaller on IANO! Please check out the album “Dream Big”.

Visit Lorenz on hes websites: &

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Artist Spotlight: Chéjs Romero

We are happy to introduce you to the very versatile singer, rapper and musician from Langenthal, Switzerland. He goes by the name of Chéjs Romero.

Chéjs is a multi-artist, visionary, doer, multilingual rap, reggae and soul artist. Since he was born in Cameroon and is Argentine, French, With Polish and Swiss roots, all cultures melt in his art into a unity. He likes to call himself a neo crossover artist. Chéjs has been on the world’s stages as a singer, presenter and teacher since 1999. He founded an optics project in Cameroon. He is the manager and co-founder of Langaton-Studio. His passions are that of producing songs, beats, and video clips Starting projects …

Chéjs Romero can also be found in other formations. For example, he is a co-founder and part of …

Was founded in 2008 by Bone Beatz and Chéjs Romero. Several albums and singles were created. MC Gringo was added later. Starfish is a neverending project. No songs will appear here and there in the future either.

With the band Molash consisting of Simon Schüpbach, Andreas Schüpbach, Silas Bitterli and Simon Freiburghaus, the crossover album “People of Peace” was created in 2014. The highlight was the performance on Afropfingsten 2015 with 50,000 visitors.

With the sound engineer, producer and rapper Noureddine Abbassi, Chéjs founded the band Diplomatix in 2017. With the singer Joy – Tabea Breiter.
Further productions follow.

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Artist Spotlight: Don

We’r happy to introduce you to the very skilled Mc from Bern, Switzerland. He goes by the name of Don.

He worked on his rhymes for twenty years until, after several releases with PeWe & Don (or different groups), he now presents his debut album “Wiudbluämä. The 12-track album impresses with its lyrical and thematic variety and has some top-class features . Don is not afraid to address politically sensitive topics. Throughout the album a great love for people can be seen. Don’s debut album “Wiudbluämä” is also to be understood as a homage to local hip hop.

Together with PeWe he forms the rap combo PeWe & Don. Together with the band ReelBeetz and other musicians, PeWe & Don regularly invites to the legendary freestyle jams “The Talk!” Don is also a member of The chosen few, K1 Projekt and Ruumstylez.

Hes Milestones:

2008 Ostmob – dr erst Stei
2016 Ruumstylez – Sächzähni
2018 The Talk – regelmässige Freestylejams mit Liveband
2019 PeWe&Don – Früecher wi hüt
2020 PeWe&Don – Ruumzyt

Hes disco we have also in our Shop. Check it out:

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Artist Spotlight: Gringo (Mattman)

We’r happy to introduce you to the highly verbose Mc from Burgdorf, Switzerland. He goes by the name of Gringo.

Gringo’s (real name Matthias Sägesser) passion for the word and its diverse formulation possibilities began at school. There he achieved top marks with his essays without exception. Since singing was truly not his forte, he turned to the tactfully spoken poems. In them he found an outlet to come to terms with the everyday life shaped by a birth defect. At first this was done in the form of freestyles and, over time, also in the form of written texts. More and more socially critical or encouraging texts were added … Play on words and humor were a must. Various rap artists inspired him and influenced his work. Including Black Tiger, Wicht, Curse, Section Kuchikästli, Greis, Taz, Beginner, Brandhärd, Baze …

Together with the Emmentaler singer-songwriter Uodal, Gringo was always on the road as a street musician. Gringo took part in open mics, freestyle jams and a few battles, was once allowed to freestyle live with many other MCs on Radio Rabe on the roof in beautiful weather, rapping as a backup MC of his colleague Orso live to the sounds of dulcimer virtuoso Nicolas Herdsman He played with the Starfish crew at the Bern City Festival … and released a clip with various young rappers from St. Gallen in which he was the only Bernese man to perform his rhymes.

What connects people in music is gringo’s passion. He likes to mix his rap with other styles of music. (This also applies to “Versatil”.)

He also gives rap workshops with a lot of passion to this day to infect and encourage the participants with his passion. With the exception of 2 songs on samplers and 2 feature parts on albums by other artists, there was no sound document of Gringo’s rhymes and stories.

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Have Fun!