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Artist Spotlight: Where is Mona?

We’d like to introduce you to the alternative Rockband from Lyss, Switzerland called “Where is Mona?”

Mona is moody, likes it fast and rough, soft and melancholic or razor-sharp and edgy.
A spontaneous performance seduced four Swiss musicians to found WHERE IS MONA? With compositions by guitarist and background singer Tobias Preuss, sung by singer Stefan Jaberg, the drumming of Heinz Weingart and the bass of Antonin Jaun, Mona’s trail is followed with heart and soul. Alternative rock, yes, but the sound of the band touches other boundless musical shores and is carried by the musicians’ wealth of experience. So you might hear many kinds of influences like psychedelic, grunge, songwriter or jazz, which WHERE IS MONA? mix to their own sound. In autumn 2019, the debut album WHERE IS MONA? with original compositions was recorded and released in summer 2020.