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Artist Spotlight: Schall und Rauch

We’d like to introduce you to a Rap crew from Zürich, Switzerland. They go by the name of “Schall und Rauch”.


This name stands for positive rap and love for music, life, language and people. Inspired by funk, jazz, blues and soul, the three-person Zurich crew walks on their own paths, but within listening distance to their idols from the golden 90s.
After a self-sufficient decade full of fleeting jams in bathing cloakrooms, cowsheds and hay sticks, the desire arose to capture these moments of happiness, to give them a lasting shape and to share them.
The wish became reality: The first album “Schall & Rauch mit Liib & Seel” has been rotating on turntables since 2017 and has also been able to get to know a large number of stages. In 2018 and 2019 the crew temporarily turned their backs on the crackling samples, dressed up and went to the organic lap of the blues band “Furhammer” for a pulsating live project.
At the same time, the second album “Verbunde” flourished, on which Schall & Rauch remained true to itself and celebrated its connection with funky boombap beats, mature rhyming chains, befriended musicians, hip-hop culture and the whole world. It’s about love!