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Artist Spotlight: Jot Kosmos

We’d like to welcome Jot Kosmos. He is a Swiss music producer, songwriter and rapper.

He produces atmospheric Lofi and 90s boom bap rap inspired hip-hop instrumentals.

Whether with beats or playful rhymes, Jot Kosmos is always there with heart and soul and gets the best out of every song.

Today he works with local as well as international artists, including rapper Frank J originally from brooklyn (USA) (Colectivootres) or Jay, also known under the name Jay MauMau, who has his roots in Africa.

In the last few years, music production has become more and more important to Jot Kosmos and he is always keen to accept new, exciting orders and to strive for projects.

“Just do it and don’t think, because if you think too much, you often get in your own way” – That is the motto of Jot Kosmos.

He is already selling hes stuff on our shop: