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Artist Spotlight: Chéjs Romero

We are happy to introduce you to the very versatile singer, rapper and musician from Langenthal, Switzerland. He goes by the name of Chéjs Romero.

Chéjs is a multi-artist, visionary, doer, multilingual rap, reggae and soul artist. Since he was born in Cameroon and is Argentine, French, With Polish and Swiss roots, all cultures melt in his art into a unity. He likes to call himself a neo crossover artist. Chéjs has been on the world’s stages as a singer, presenter and teacher since 1999. He founded an optics project in Cameroon. He is the manager and co-founder of Langaton-Studio. His passions are that of producing songs, beats, and video clips Starting projects …

Chéjs Romero can also be found in other formations. For example, he is a co-founder and part of …

Was founded in 2008 by Bone Beatz and Chéjs Romero. Several albums and singles were created. MC Gringo was added later. Starfish is a neverending project. No songs will appear here and there in the future either.

With the band Molash consisting of Simon Schüpbach, Andreas Schüpbach, Silas Bitterli and Simon Freiburghaus, the crossover album “People of Peace” was created in 2014. The highlight was the performance on Afropfingsten 2015 with 50,000 visitors.

With the sound engineer, producer and rapper Noureddine Abbassi, Chéjs founded the band Diplomatix in 2017. With the singer Joy – Tabea Breiter.
Further productions follow.